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Freelance work occurs when a person performs tasks or projects for multiple clients as an independent contractor. This type of work is different from conventional employment with a single employer. Flexibility and diversity of work are common benefits, but uncertainty of work and lack of income pred


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The majority of freelance writing falls into several categories: copywriting, editorial and news writing, blogging, content writing, technical writing, creative writing and business writing. Many categories overlap, particularly in the realm of content writing. Some freelancers are ghost writers, wr


A freelance writer is a person who writes articles or other documents and sells them to multiple clients on a contracted basis. This work structure is distinct from staff employment, where a person writes for one employer and receives a regular paycheck for the job.


Although many factors affect the pay of freelance writers, a 2012 industry survey found that one-third of respondents made $70 per hour or more, while 23 percent earned $50 to $70 per hour. Working full or part time can influence the freelancer's earnings significantly.


No set path to becoming a freelance writer exists, but the first things to do are finding your niche and building a body of work to use as a portfolio, then pitching articles to clients. Guest posting on blogs and having your own blog are also helpful.


CareerBuilder.com is an online job search website where you can search, browse and apply to freelance writer job openings. You can also sign up for Career Builder's job alert service that notifies you via email once additional freelance writing positions become available. Also, post your resume for


To become a freelance writer, a person must have a strong grasp of the English language already, and must be willing to find new jobs on a regular basis. Freelance writing typically involves working on a temporary basis for a variety of clients.


There are many ways to start a successful freelance career in photography, such as starting a personal blog and portfolio website, taking challenging work, operating on a reasonable budget and being very responsive to calls and emails. There are other important tips, as well, like keeping a regulate


Get started in freelance photography by choosing a subject to specialize in, building a portfolio and marketing your work. Don't be afraid to start small, and practice as often as you can.