Freehold or freehold estate is a legal concept that identifies the bundle of rights and responsibilities that come with a piece of land or buildings. Having a freehold estate in property generally indicates that a person... More » Business & Finance Real Estate Finding a Home

When someone has a leasehold, they own the home for a fixed term, but not the property that it sits on, and a freehold describes a person owning the home and the land it is on. With a freehold, there is no term on how lo... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

Freehold tenure is the legal right to own a piece of property without any limitations on its use. Freehold tenure is also known as title in fee simple. Most property in the United States is purchased through this type of... More »

A land trust in real estate is a land-ownership agreement whereby a trustee holds recorded legal and equitable title to real estate, but the rights, responsibilities and advantages of ownership remain with the beneficiar... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

The process of purchasing land in Belize involves scouting for a property that is up for sale, inspecting the property and having a licensed real estate agent or an attorney-at-law assist with the rest of the transaction... More »

Spend some time renting a home in the area where you plan to buy acreage before you start seriously looking for land, suggests This helps you get familiar with the community and may help you find local land fo... More » Business & Finance Real Estate Finding a Home

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