Typing tests for employment assess an applicant's typing speed in gross words per minute as well as net words per minute. Typing accuracy is determined by tallying the number of mistakes made during the test. More »

Typing Test and Rata Type are two websites that offer free online typing tests to assess words-per-minute typed and accuracy. The websites also offer free training activities, games and competitions designed to help typi... More »

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Find free online pre-employment clerical tests at sites such as Aptitude-test.com. Amby.com also offers practice and preparation tests for clerical employment, and so does EmployTest.com as of 2015. More »

Most written tests for employment include a prompt that asks the applicant to write in a specific format. This written text is analyzed for spelling, clarity, use of grammar and overall writing skills. Depending on the t... More »

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Hard skills are quantifiable abilities that hiring managers often look for in a job applicant. They dictate whether or not the applicant can successfully perform the responsibilities of the job. More »

A business reference on a job application is a person who has experience with the applicant in a work capacity, and can offer an opinion on the applicant's abilities. Typically business references are past employers of a... More »

A professional reference is an individual who can confirm the workplace skills, qualifications and abilities necessary to perform a job of a job applicant. This can include previous managers, supervisors, clients or busi... More »