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A number of websites offer free Sunday school lessons, including Disciplr.com, Rotation.org, ShareFaith.com and Ministry-To-Children.com. Disciplr.com offers the Discipleship Junior curriculum for free. This curriculum provides Sunday school lessons for toddlers through children in the fifth and six


Free Sunday school lessons can be found on websites such as Sunday School Center. This website offers lessons broken down by age group and occasion, and users can download sets or individual lessons.


Sunday school lessons for children can be found at the websites of theMinistry-to-Children and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Ministry-to-Children website invitesusers to browse their selection of lesson plans and print them for use within their own curriculum. These include le


Sunday school lesson topics for adults include gifts of the spirit and serving the least of the brethren. Both of these topics are based on New Testament Bible verses.


Teen Sunday School lessons usually involve a warm-up game or activity, a talk on a biblical topic or passage, and an application to real life. There are a variety of free online resources for teen Sunday School lessons, such TeenSundaySchool.com and the open resources section of the Life Church webs


A simple way to get free Sunday school lessons for preschool classes is to look for lessons online. Many options exists, and while some sites require membership, many others are free without providing details. Simple supplies provided by the church can also be used to teach preschool Sunday school l


Inexpensive Sunday School lessons are available on many websites, including Family Christian and Kids Sunday School. The DLTK and Ministry-to-Children websites offer free lessons and materials for a variety of age levels.


Sunday school is important for children to learn the teachings of Jesus. Sunday school helps to impart values on children through Biblical lessons.


Ideas for Sunday School lesson topics are the Fruit of the Spirit, Armor of God, or your church's catechism. Plan lessons according to your audience. Children, teens and adults have different levels of interest and understanding.


Although more than 300,000 churches offer Sunday school programs that are attended by over 22 million children, Sunday school attendance is declining as of 2005, according to the Barna Group. Factors contributing to plummeting attendance include weekend sports team schedules, limited family time and