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Free images of child models are available from online resources such as Dreamstime.com and FreeDigitalPhotos.net, as of 2015. These websites features photos of child models from various ethnic backgrounds and age groups.


Some places that offer free coloring pages to download and print include the RoseArt, Crayola and Educational Coloring Pages websites. Some pages on these sites are designed to help children learn concepts like numbers and the alphabet while other pages are purely for entertainment or teaching art t


Pictures of children's hair styles can be found online on Pinterest. This website specializes in presenting search results in a visual manner rather than strictly textual.


Websites offering puppy pictures for kids include CutestPaw.com, PetMD.com and RaisingOurKids.com. Cutest Paw offers pictures categorized by animal, videos, popular and upcoming sections, and articles.


Some tips to help children create a drawing of a house include using curved lines wherever possible to make freehand drawing easier, and drawing with a pencil so any mistakes are easy to correct. Guides for drawing houses are available on Mocomi.com, My-How-To-Draw.com and DrawingHowToDraw.com, as o


The best colors to wear for a school photo are those that complement the student's choice of background. Students should wear solid colors or simple patterns for the best outcome. Small, simple accessories also help to make a school photograph stand out.


Some free and fun things to do with kids include engaging in sports activities, going camping, preparing a meal together, gardening and staging a play. Engaging in fun activities with kids helps build a stronger bond while educating them.


Examples of free things to do with kids include making a tent or fort with household sheets, looking through old family photo albums together and playing at a park. Other ideas for free kids activities are exercising together, teaching the child to cook and styling each other's hair.


Animals, holidays, well-known characters, fantasy and transportation are some popular categories for free printable coloring pages. The exact selection of available categories and pictures varies depending on the website. For instance, Free-Coloring-Pages.com organizes pages into very specific categ


Color-by-number pictures are available at Coloring.ws, AllKidsNetwork.com and SuperTeacherWorksheets.com. These can be printed, downloaded or colored using painting software such as MS Paint or Mac's Paintbrush. More color-by-number pictures are available for the PC or mobile devices in the game "Co