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The Ronald Knox Society provides selected sermons from the famous 20th century preacher Ronald Knox. Many of these sermons base themselves on specific passages from the Bible. Historic sermons and homilies on the Bible from the early Fathers of the Church are available for free at NewAdvent.com.


Free sermons are offered by Bible Hub, Sermon Index, Preaching.com and Sermon Central. Text, audio and video sermons are available, and there are sermons covering every book of the Bible.


A great sermon motivates people to be better, make good choices and believe the message. While the desired effects of a great sermon vary among religions, Academy of Preachers lists nine key factors that apply to any sermon.


Free Christian sermons can be found online. Sermon Central, Preaching Magazine, BibleStudyTools.com and Preaching Today offer pastors and church leaders sermon resources, ideas and religious research materials.


The Ministry-to-Children website offers several free sermons for kids, including a salvation object lesson and a sermon about creation. This site provides a printable document for each sermon, and offers detailed instructions on the effective use of visual aids.


SermonCentral and Bible Study Tools provide free church sermons. While both offer free material, the websites also give users the option to become members in order to receive additional material.


To prepare a sermon, first ask God for help in understanding the Bible passages you are reading. Look up the passage in different versions of the Bible to check any additional word meanings. Make notes about the passage and use them to form an outline for the sermon, including references to the scri


Preachers can find outlines for Bible sermons at KenBirks.com or SermonSearch.com. Birks provides outlines at no cost, whereas Sermon Search charges a fee for most outlines.


Keep Believing Ministries is one of many websites that offer a free weekly sermon by email, in addition to full text sermons and audio sermons on the website. Other websites such as Virtual Preacher offer sermon outlines and resources by email for use by preachers.


Sermons 4 Kids features a variety of religious sermons on topics such as the Bible's Old Testament, The Bible's New Testament, holidays and special occasions. They also feature lectionary sermons categorized in Year A, Year B and Year C. There is also a featured sermon of the week.