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There are many websites that offer free lesson plans for toddlers. Pinterest, ADayCare, JumpStart, First-School and Wikki Stix all offer free or sample lesson plans for preschool-age children.


Sample lesson plans include the English Language Arts Lesson Plans, Social Studies Lesson Plans and Science Lesson Plans available from Inspiration.com. Sample plans within these categories are available as downloadable files and contain recommendations for plan setup a...


Effective weekly lesson plans for toddlers are based on the typical daily schedule in the classroom, and they typically contain several short, engaging activities that help toddlers develop essential skills in areas such as language, math, cognitive function, motor deve...


Discovery Education and HotChalk Lesson Plans are good places to find a variety of free lesson plans. Discoveryeducation.com has a database of lesson plans for elementary, middle and high school students. HotChalk provides a library of over 4,000 free, online lesson pla...


Scholastic and Discovery Education websites each offer several sample lesson plans. Lesson plans are free for teachers to view and print and are available in topics ranging from the Holocaust to technology.


Teachers use lesson plans to provide a guide of what students need to learn and how to accomplish this during class time. Student learning objectives, teaching and learning activities, and tools to check student understanding are key elements of a lesson plan.


Infant lesson plans are organized lessons designed to teach infants language, movement, music and motor and social skills as they develop from week to week. Each lesson revolves around a simple theme and includes at least one element from the skills list. Lesson plans c...