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Landlords should consult state laws regarding assigned rights to enter a tenant's rental unit. Some states have strict regulations that protect tenant privacy, while others have no laws prohibiting a landlord from entering a tenant's rental unit at any time. Under standard tenant privacy laws, landl


When reviewing a prospective tenant, most landlords check the tenant's credit scores. The TransUnion score covers bankruptcy, collections, evictions and lawsuits, and is most relevant to landlords. Experian offers a more detailed rental history, but only if the tenant's previous landlords share rent


Some landlords are open to negotiation regarding rental terms, which can include free utilities. Landlords in charge of small buildings and single apartments are typically easier to negotiate with than large management companies, which often have blanket policies.


A landlord's rights for eviction from a rental property include being able to evict a tenant for not paying rent, violating the terms of the lease, damaging the property and engaging in illegal activity, according to Nolo. Eviction laws and procedures differ from state to state.


To make a rental lease to print, use a word processing program to type an agreement onto a blank document. Ensure that the lease agreement you type provides all the required information, and then print.


While it is not a requirement to obtain a printed rental agreement, it is useful to retain a copy in the event of a dispute over the terms of the agreement between the tenant and landlord. In many cases, provisions on a rental agreement may be present in the preceding lease form, if one exists.


Free and customizable rental lease forms are available through the Rocket Lawyer website. Site users can customize the form with the rent amount, the rent payment schedule and late fees. The option for adding a property description is also available when tailoring the form to a specific property.


A basic rental application form can be found at Rocket Lawyer's website. This form is free to down load, and can be made to conform to the regulations of the state in which the rental property is located.


Georgia landlords are required to adequately maintain rental properties, making repairs when needed so minimum living standards are upheld. Landlords are held liable for any consensual large property improvements made to the rental unit. Landlord liability also extends to problems arising from fault


A printed home rental agreement is a legal document that protectsthe landlord and tenant, according to Rocket Lawyer. Once printed, it is imperative that both the landlord and tenant sign thedocument.