Most district courts publicize civil and criminal record cases and make those files available for free through a state's official judiciary website. Some states, such as Alabama and Colorado, contract private companies t... More » Government & Politics Public Records

To obtain criminal records for free, search public records portals related to the location of the search, such as Franklin County Ohio Public Access. Free offender information can also be collected by using online tools ... More »

Individuals can perform a bankruptcy public record search for free on phone by calling the specific bankruptcy court's voice case information system. They can also get this information by visiting the bankruptcy court in... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Access juvenile court records for free or for a minimal fee by accessing your state's juvenile court website, suggests the Catholic Legal Immigration Network. Some states, such as Arizona, offer free access to juvenile c... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Individuals can view court records by requesting access to court documents in person at a county, state or federal courthouse at the clerk's office. Many case files can also be accessed at public access terminals at cert... More »

As of 2015, the Oklahoma State Courts Network has a search page at to access Oklahoma court records, including 25 district courts. also has a search page to access district court records. More » Government & Politics Public Records

The Public Access to Court Electronic Records service provides access to court cases from a broad range of courts in the United States. PACER offers centralized service and allows 24-hour access to court documents from f... More » Government & Politics Public Records