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As of 2015, OSHA Training Services offers free monthly toolbox talks to download and print at OshaTraining.com. Each toolbox topic comes with a sign-in sheet to document the meeting and many come with a handout.


Toolbox Talks comprise informal group discussions that revolve around safety issues at the workplace or at a job site, according to Harvard Environmental Health & Safety. These discussions typically focus on one specific safety issue, and departments can use handouts and training tools to supplement


OSHA Training offers free toolbox safety tips. OSHA Training offers tips about conducting toolbox talks as well as free toolbox talks topics and layouts to print and use.


The cost of converting a refrigerator to a toolbox depends on the type of refrigerator and the desired attributes of the toolbox, but much of the work can be done using simple tools. For simple conversions, the total cost might only be a few hours of time.


To replace a toolbox lock, first get a new lock, remove the old lock and inspect the condition of the toolbox before installing the new lock. Perform checks on the new lock to ensure it closes correctly.


Free, printable wills such as those available online at LawDepot and DoYourOwnWill.com include basic information about the person creating the will, identification of the will's executor, bequests to specific individuals or entities and instructions for distributing any remaining portions of an esta


Download free, printable shopping lists on GroceryLists.org and OrganizedHome.com, as of 2015. GroceryLists.org features shopping lists that are pre-filled with common grocery items. OrganizedHome.com features blank shopping lists available in PDF format.


Free printable first aid manuals are available on the Red Cross website or the Triple One Care website. The Triple One Care website offers a simple first aid manual, and the Red Cross offers a free booklet on first aid, CPR and AED, according to First Aid for Free.


Find free printable maps at sites such as Printable World Map, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Education Place and WaterproofPaper.com. These sites all offer a selection of printable maps including continents, countries, states and even counties.


Mac Tools toolboxes are available from MacTools.com and independently owned Mac Tools franchises, and they are not available from any retailer in the United States as of 2015. Used Mac Tools toolboxes are available for sale by private owners on eBay.com as well.