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Printable coupons are available online from websites including Coupons.com, CouponSherpa.com and DealsPlus.com. Visitors redeem these coupons at specific stores or for certain products. The exact coupons available on these websites varies over time.


Coupons.com and SmartSource.com are two of the Internet's largest reputable printable coupon sites. The websites offer hundreds of coupons for food, beverages, household goods, personal care items and more, and they are used by over 15 million visitors each month, as of 2015.


For most sites, there are no time or frequency restrictions for printing coupons online as of 2015. Many large discount sites exist for the sole purpose of distributing coupons, such as Coupons.com and DealsPlus.com. Many companies also provide coupons on their websites as an incentive to visit them


A top site for free printable coupons is Coupons.com, which allows the selection of coupons in several categories from a drop-down menu. This site offers coupons for many grocery types, as well as for items such as automotive and pet products.


Coupons for auto parts are available online, but they are generally tied to a particular mechanic shop and their services instead of a particular part. It is therefore easier to find a coupon for Midas to install a new muffler in your car than a generic coupon to buy one.


Procter & Gamble, the company that manufactures Tide products, occasionally offers coupons in the P&GbrandSAVER booklet. In addition, popular coupon websites such as Coupons.com and Redplum.com may occasionally offer printable coupons for Tide.


To find free hotel coupons, go to freehotelcoupons.com, travelcoupons.com or couponing.about.com. Search for hotels by the destination city or state to locate coupons for participating hotels.


Printable coupons for Finish products are available online from websites such as Coupons, and occasionally printable coupons are available from the Finish website under Offers or through the newsletter, which users can sign up for with their email address. Printable Coupon Code offers users printabl


Printable Justice coupons are coupons that a customer can print out on a printer to be applied to a purchase at an official Justice store. Justice is a popular clothing and accessories store for tween girls.


Michaels offers printable coupons online, according to the official Michaels website. The available coupons vary depending on the time of year, the customer's location and the selected store.