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HelpTeaching.com and TestYourEnglish.net are sources for printable vocabulary tests, as of 2015. HelpTeaching.com features an item bank that allows visitors to generate and print vocabulary tests. TestYourEnglish.net also allows visitors to take vocabulary tests online.


To design a printable to-do list, create a word processing document, and use a checkbox bullet list to include a title, a short description and a choice of item priority. A word processing document, such as Microsoft Word, allows the to-do list template to be created, saved and printed for use in fu


Printable Spanish worksheets are available from online resources such as Education.com, AbcTeach.com and Spanish4Teachers.org. These websites offer printable Spanish worksheets for different categories and learning levels.


Many websites offer vocabulary word lists, including vocabulary.com, iteslj.org and bigiqkids.com. Some websites, such as vocabulary.com, offer word lists for a variety of purposes, such as test prep, tributes to famous people, and words found in historical documents. Other sites provide vocabulary


GroceryLists.org and FreePrintableGroceryList.com offer free printable shopping lists. Organized Home offers a free printable shopping list template for users to fill in as they see fit.


Spanish 4 Teachers, Love to Know, Education.com, 123 Teach Me and Printable Spanish all provide free Spanish worksheets to download and print at home. Available worksheets cover topics like verb tense, colors, spelling, numbers and food groups. Each website tailors their worksheets for various age a


Vocabulary means a range of words or phrases of a particular language, technical field or system of communication. It also refers to all the words known or used by a person or group. The noun comes from the Latin word "vocabulum," meaning "a collection of words."


Download free, printable shopping lists on GroceryLists.org and OrganizedHome.com, as of 2015. GroceryLists.org features shopping lists that are pre-filled with common grocery items. OrganizedHome.com features blank shopping lists available in PDF format.


Some free printable grocery lists include shopping lists for diabetics, vegetarians and people following a low-carbohydrate, clean-eating diet. Basic and ultimate grocery lists are also available online. Most lists include a list of recommended things to buy, while some come in empty or fillable lis


Shoppers can create a printable grocery list manually through a word-processing program, such as Microsoft Word. Using dedicated applications, such as GroceryListMaker, is another option that is popular with many shoppers.