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The Internet provides plenty of websites that feature printable pictures of dogs. Every breed, size and color of dog can be found using a general search. Usually the search will feature a variety of results, including puppies, real life photos and sketched pictures.


Some of the best sites offering printable animal pictures include coloring.ws and enchantedlearning.com. Each of the sites offers a wide variety of printable animal pictures that are perfect for children's coloring activities. Coloring offers many benefits to children, including self-expression, cre


Find printable pictures of the U.S. flag on PrintOurFlag.com and TeacherVision.com, as of 2015. Both websites allow visitors to download a picture of the U.S. flag in PDF format and then print.


Many botany websites welcome public contributions to their educational collections of flower and plant pictures, including Dave's Garden, the USDA Plants Database, Phyto Images and PlantSystematics.org. These databases consist mostly of high-resolution images that are suitable for printing and are f


Printable pictures of planets are useful for educating and engaging kids in astronomy and space exploration. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration suggests using printable pictures in the classroom to create models of the solar system and to teach astronomy to young children.


Latest-Hairstyles, Hairfinder and Short-Haircut.com have multiple pictures of short hair cuts. These sites feature a variety of styles for short hair, including bobs, pixies and curls.


Some cute puppy dog picture ideas include using props to setup human-like situations, placing the puppy in an unusual location, photographing the puppy with other pets or putting the puppy in a costume. For example, place the puppy with a wooden spoon, bowl and batter splatters for a cute picture.


Printable pictures of Jesus are available on many websites, including 123RF.com, LDS.org and PhotoBucket.com. Printable pictures of Jesus appropriate for children and coloring projects are offered on BestColoringPagesforKids.com and RaisingOurKids.com.


Several galleries of cute haircuts can be found in the About.com Beauty section. The website provides helpful photo collections of attractive haircuts, categorized by the styles that best complement different face shapes. The site also offers a celebrity photo gallery of the top 21 hairstyle trends


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