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Create a printable monthly calendar at TimeAndDate.com or CalendarLabs.com. These sites feature online tools for printing custom calendars that include events such as holidays, while CalendarLabs.com features a tool for uploading a custom photo for printing on a calendar.


TimeAndDate.com offers several online calendar creators for customizable, printable calendars, including a basic calendar, an advanced calendar and a PDF calendar. WinCalendar provides downloadable, customizable Microsoft Word and Excel calendar templates.


The website CalendarLabs.com satisfies all calendar-related needs, including free printable calendars. The website has both monthly and yearly printable calendars for any year between 1800 and 3000, as well as the option to include holidays for over 30 countries. There are many templates for calenda


Find printable blank calendars online at Vertex42.com, CalendarLabs.com or ABCTeach.com. Vertex42.com offers printable calendar pages with no numbers or month names in PDF, Excel and HTML formats.


Create your own custom blank printable calendar in Microsoft Word by using a template or the Table and Drawing tools to make the day and week lines. Similarly, make one in Adobe Photoshop by placing lines and shapes in calendar form. Alternatively, print a blank calendar directly from Microsoft Outl


As of September, 2015, online sites such as FreeStockImages.com exist for users to download and print free stock images. In addition to photos, the sites have printable templates and images.


Free, printable monthly planners are available at Vertex42, Scattered Squirrel and The Handmade Home. The planner templates offer some versatile options, but most are designed to fit in a three-ring binder.


Free printable monthly expense sheets are available on Frugal Mama and About.com. There are also several expense sheet templates available to download and print through Google Drive.


A number of online resources allow users to make their own monthly calendars, such as Shutterfly, Timeanddate.com and Calendar Labs. Such services give users the option of adding personalized or stock photos, holidays, special occasions, important dates and custom formatting to a unique monthly cale


Free, printable wills such as those available online at LawDepot and DoYourOwnWill.com include basic information about the person creating the will, identification of the will's executor, bequests to specific individuals or entities and instructions for distributing any remaining portions of an esta