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My Cute Graphics and Clip Art and Crafts offer free printable clip art. Both websites divide their clip art into manageable categories for user convenience.


MyCuteGraphics.com, ClipArtandCrafts.com, OpenClipArt.org and HassleFreeClipart.com are some good resources for free printable clip art. These websites offer a variety of original graphics and images for personal, educational and nonprofit use. The printable clip art fo...


Types of Native American art include pottery, beadwork and basket weaving. Art for most Native Americans was and continues to be a way to express themselves and is often inspired by symbols such as wolves, bears, spirits, family members or themselves.


Examples of resources for free Native American images include Shutterstock, Dreamstime and Image Envision. Shutterstock and Dreamstime offer professional images that are free for personal use only.


Sites that offer free Native American clip art include First People, Classroom Clipart and Phillip Maritin Clip Art. Each website provides hundreds of free images, available under the terms provided by the individual license agreements.


Many Native Americans live on reservations located in several of the Southwestern and Midwestern states. Some Natives, however, have fully integrated into contemporary American society and live in metropolitan cities.


After migrating to North America around 11,000 years ago, Native Americans grew corn, maize, beans and squash. They hunted, built homes out of branches and animal skins, practiced tribal religions, enjoyed music and dancing, and used stories to pass on their culture and...