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HelpTeaching.com and TestYourEnglish.net are sources for printable vocabulary tests, as of 2015. HelpTeaching.com features an item bank that allows visitors to generate and print vocabulary tests. TestYourEnglish.net also allows visitors to take vocabulary tests online.


Websites that offer free, printable math problems include MathIsFun.com, Math-Drills.com, SoftSchools.com, Education.com and MathBlaster.com. The available worksheets cover a large variety of skills from elementary to high school levels.


Most printable math worksheets available though various math homework websites include two printable pages on the same web page. One is a worksheet with math problems, and the second page contains the answers to the worksheet.


SuperTeacherWorksheets.com, Education.com and TheTeachersCorner.net all publish printable math sheets. These sites offer thousands of free math sheets for all grade levels that cover many math concepts.


As of 2015, free printable "thank you" cards are available at the following websites: Greetings Island, MES Cards, Got Free Cards and Brother. The DLTK website offers a greeting card wizard specifically for kids, allowing them to choose a "thank you" theme, images, cust...


Some common math vocabulary words are line, digit, equation, angle and estimate. These terms are applicable to basic math and more advanced studies, such as geometry or algebra.


Download printable math worksheets from sites such as MathIsFun.com, KidZone.ws, SoftSchools.com, TheTeachersCorner.net and Education.com, as of 2015. Each site includes different sheets that focus on the various grades and education levels, with some offering free work...