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Free forms for landlords are available online through sites such as EZ Landlord Forms, The Landlord Protection Agency and Rocket Lawyer. Many forms are state specific, while others are generally used nationwide.


Free printable living will forms are found at Rocketlawyer.com. People choose forms that are written in accordance to their state laws. Users fill in the necessary information to create the living will, download, and print the form, says Rocket Lawyer.


LawDepot.com, DoYourOwnWill.com and RocketLawyer.com each offer printable living will forms. Either customize one of the forms online or download a form to modify before printing it and signing.


Most businesses need customer transaction forms such as invoices, receipts and orders sheets. Behind the scenes, a company uses forms to develop and manage its budget, track inventory and schedule employees.


People use legal forms when selling, purchasing or renting property, lending and borrowing money, delegating legal authority and estate planning, explains Nolo. Free printable legal forms are available for download at USLegalForms.com, AllLaw.com, LawDepot.com and FreeLegalForms.net.


Websites such as LawDepot.com and PrintableContracts.com offer will forms available for downloading and printing. After downloading the forms, the user can cut, copy and paste various paragraphs from the document to tailor it to his needs.


The Internal Revenue Service provides free printable tax forms on the official IRS.gov website. You can find current-year tax forms, tax forms for previous years and locate some of the most-used tax forms.


When a user creates a portable document format file, of PDF, he sets the file as interactive or flat, explains Adobe Reader X product support. An interactive file allows others to fill in or modify the form, but a flat file allows no modification.


A printable W-4 form is available in the Forms and Publications section of the Internal Revenue Service website. IRS form W-4 is the Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate, according to the IRS.


Printable receipt forms are available from template websites, such as Vertex42, Printable Cash Receipts and HOOVER Web Design. These websites offer universal receipts and specialized forms for business or nonprofit services, such as consulting, donations and rent payments.