The Portable North Pole app allows users to send personalized birthday messages. Users can provide phone numbers for Santa to call and deliver a wish or tell a story. More »

The Santa Hotline offers free calls to Santa. While the hotline is not personally answered, a caller can leave a message for Santa. Christmas Dialer has a service in which Santa calls a residence or cell phone. More »

To get a video message from Santa, navigate to the Portable North Pole website, click on the Start your Free Video Message button and fill out the information regarding your child. You will be required to create an accou... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Christmas

When used responsibly, the Kik messenger app is a safe way for cellphone users to send and receive messages. Kik messages are free to send and permit the user to message using a username, not a phone number. More » Technology Mobile

Our Daily Bread app is a free mobile app that allows users to read Christian messages and devotional thoughts on the go. This app is compatible with Android, Kindle Fire, and iPhone, iPad and iPod. More » Technology Mobile

The North Pole, the northernmost part of the Earth, is not officially part of any single nation. One country, Russia, has placed a flag on the North Pole. More »

The North Pole's latitude is 90 degrees north, and the South Pole's latitude is 90 degrees south. The latitude indicates each geographic point's distance from the equator, which lies at zero degrees latitude. More »