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In 2013, New York City had a population of approximately 8,405,837. It is the most populous and most densely populated city in the United States.


Websites that show nearby businesses with reviews and ratings are ideal when looking for a cleaning service in NYC. This includes sites like Angie’s List and Yelp.


Gallagher Bassett Services and Cablevision are some call centers located in New York City. Monster.com and Linkedin.com allow users to search for a list of available New York City call center jobs. Each job listed should provide a brief job description and requirements needed to apply for the positi


The best private schools in New York City are Horace Mann School, Trinity School and Dalton School, according to the education data company Niche. Packer Collegiate Institute, Collegiate School and Friends Seminary also made the list.


There are several ways to get a job in the fashion industry in New York City, including interning, volunteering, blogging, networking, taking classes and finding ways to use existing skills in the field. New York City is a major fashion industry hub, and there are numerous opportunities to volunteer


The City College of New York School of Education, Pace University School of Education, and Fordham University Graduate School of Education are some schools of education in New York City. Teachers College at Columbia University is also a school of education in New York City.


Broadway shows, concerts, baseball games, kid-friendly museums, parks and city landmarks represent just a small part of the variety of sights, sounds and activities that New York City offers kids and their families. Among the Big Apple's diverse culinary options are several restaurants that specific


The New York City Water Board establishes the rates paid by New York City residents for water and sewage services, as of 2015. The organization sets rates that enable the city to pay for more than 6,000 employees, continue long-term construction projects and perform routine maintenance on water infr


The New York City Marathon grants runners entry on three levels. Runners are placed in start waves and transportation to the various start villages and baggage check is provided to them on the day of the race.


New York City has hundreds of events and street festivals every year, and a complete list of these is located on NYC.gov. In addition, sites such as Cititour.com provide a monthly list of local street festivals and their locations.