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Online learning offers the ability for children to access webinars, seminars, teachers, educational activities and testing while being homeschooled. Parents may also use online learning as a way to find new teaching materials and techniques.


To get free textbooks for homeschooling, search an online database such as Homeschool.com or USA.gov for free books and other educational resources. Families with financial need can also contact organizations such as The Book Samaritan for assistance in obtaining free t...


CalvertEducation.com, Liberty University Online Academy and K12.com are all sources of online curriculum programs for homeschooling. Calvert and Liberty University are accredited, so each issues accredited diplomas to students who successfully complete all required cour...


The website Only Passionate Curiosity provides free curriculum for homeschool students, as well as links and referrals to other free resources. The site offers curriculum in all subjects for students kindergarten through twelfth grade.


Free resources for homeschooling curriculums are available at Education.com and TeachersPayTeachers.com. To access these resources, users must sign up for free basic accounts with these websites.


There are free online high schools available in most states in the U.S., and the majority of these schools are public. Some online high schools are affiliated with local public schools, and there are also programs that do not have a connection to a traditional brick and...


Two of the best online homeschool class workbooks are at Khanacademy.org and Allinonehomeschool.com. They have fantastic free classes that cover a years workbook of lessons and are a complete curriculum.