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There are free online high schools available in most states in the U.S., and the majority of these schools are public. Some online high schools are affiliated with local public schools, and there are also programs that do not have a connection to a traditional brick and...


OpenCulture.com offers over 1100 free online courses from many of the world's leading universities. Courses include subjects such as astrology, chemistry, computer science, religion and philosophy. It also offers math and history among many others.


Adults can participate in free online high school programs such as the one offered online through Alamance Community College. Adult students earn credits toward a high school diploma at no charge.


A good online high school is regionally accredited, such as Indiana University High School. Regional accreditation is the most accepted accreditation for pursuing a college degree. An online high school program is also different than a GED test preparation program, as i...


Enrollment in online high schools, such as Connections Academy, typically requires checking availability, providing necessary information, verifying information and receiving materials. Students should not wait until the last minute to enroll because can take a few week...


Typing.com and Good Typing both have free online courses that teach typing. These sites let users create accounts to save progress and create a personalized experience.


Kolbe Academy, Stanford University, Liberty University and The Keystone School are four programs that grant high school diplomas, as of 2015. Some online high schools target a particular audience, such as the home school community or religious groups. Liberty University...