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One cool brain teaser is the following: Johnny’s mother had three children; the first child was named April, the second child was named May, but what was the third child’s name? Others include "Brothers and sisters, I have none but this man's father is my father's son. Who am I looking at?"


The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Squigly's Fun Brain Teasers and Fun With Puzzles each offer several brain teaser questions on their websites. Each site allows you to view the answer to each brain teaser question.


Numerous brain teasers along with their answers are available on the Rosetta Stone Fit Brains Blog. BrainBashers and the Woodlands Junior School website are two other online sources of brain teasers and their answers.


Bible students can test the depth of their friends' and family's Bible knowledge by posing the following brain teasers: How old was Joseph when his brothers sold him into slavery? In what situation did Old Testament rules require brides to shave their heads? Where did the Israelites encounter an ene


An answer search isn't so much a brain teaser as it is an exercise in research. Brain teasers are riddles, puzzles or games that require logic and lateral and creative thinking to solve.


Performing regular and targeted brain exercises, such as brain teasers, help increase the brain's ability to resist neurological damage from aging that leads to conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease, according to Everyday Health. Other behavioral adjustments such as increasing physical


Some of the funniest brain teasers trick people into answering them incorrectly. One example states that Jill's mother has three children and that the oldest are named May and June. When asked the name of the third child, many say "July" when the actual answer is "Jill."


Free, printable brain teasers are available at StudentHandouts.com and TheTeachersCorner.net. Both of the websites are geared towards students and have a variety of teasers from which to choose.


Fun brain teaser puzzles for kids include riddles, Rebus puzzles and "what am I" questions. These types of games and questions make kids and adults both stop and think. The answers vary from obvious to tricky, so predicting how the question will go is almost impossible.


Printable brain teaser worksheets can be found at Teachnology, Super Teacher Worksheets, and BrainDen.com. Teachnology provides 18 different printable brain teaser worksheets with answer keys. Super Teacher Worksheets and BrainDen.com both categorize their worksheets under headers such as Rebus Puzz