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One popular free bill pay service is PayPal, which many sites, business and individuals use to both accept and send payments. Another helpful service is MyCheckFree, which allows users to receive bills directly in their email inboxes and send payments to any affiliated billers.


There are many free people search sites that offer a basic search with only a first and last name, city and state. A search using these references will often result in a list of people with the same name that live in the same location. More details, such as a street address or age, will narrow the r


A user can unlock his phone from AT&T for free by accessing the Consumer Device Unlock section on ATT.com, entering required information and sending a request. If he meets the requirements, the user receives instructions regarding the unlocking procedure within two business days after submitting the


Some of the benefits of a check-free bill pay service are that it is fast and flexible. The service also helps in making the search for vendor contacts much easier since it automatically adds mailing addresses available in the database.


According to CBS MoneyWatch, as long as an employee is paid by the hour for work done, an employee can send that person home early without pay. An employer cannot dock the pay of an exempt employee if that employee is at work and ready and willing to work.


If you work in an at-will position, your employer can terminate you, demote you or decrease your salary at any time and for any reason, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Many employers make you sign an at-will agreement when they hire you to avoid any legal problems that ca


As of January 2015, the customer service phone number for Verizon Wireless is 1-800-922-0204. For prepaid phones, the customer service number is 1-888-294-6804. Customers can call Verizon Wireless customer service lines for questions and help related to accounts, devices and bills.


Microsoft offers a free template on its website for Excel 2013 users. Besides creating pay stubs, the template can also calculate things like sick pay, overtime hours and employee tax deductions.


Companies that pay cash for cars without title include National Cash for Junk Cars and Rusty's Auto Salvage. These companies do not require sellers to possess keys to vehicles, and they tow vehicles that they purchase vehicles free of charge, as of December 2015.


Most employers in most states are able to suspend employees without pay. However, they must have this action laid out in an employee handbook as part of a discipline procedure, and the suspension must be undertaken for a legitimate violation of workplace policy as defined by the handbook.