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Some Native American names are Mona, Namid, Angeni, Kai and Kanti as well as Kaliska, Takala, Orenda, Osyka and Oya. These names each have a unique meaning and represent a certain Native American tribe.


Some Native American words are "vo'kome," which is the Cheyenne word for white. Some other Cheyenne words are "enesta," which means "hear," "enemene," which means "sing," and "ehoohta," which means "leave." Other Native American words are "enhskat," which means "one" in the Mohawk language. Other Mo


Over 12,000 years ago, groups of nomadic people began to emigrate across a land bridge that joined Asia to what is now Alaska. These were the ancestors of the tribes of North America, whose population was approximately 50 million by the time of the European arrival in the 15th century.


Examples of resources for free Native American images include Shutterstock, Dreamstime and Image Envision. Shutterstock and Dreamstime offer professional images that are free for personal use only.


According to Native American beliefs, the bear symbolizes healing, inner strength, knowledge and the cyclical nature of life, and the turtle represents wisdom, patience, planning and an ability to change. In Native American traditions, animals serve as totems, or spirit guides, and appear regularly


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There are two main ways to approach a Native American or American Indian tattoo design, including traditional tribal designs associated with specific tribal groups and general iconography that is associated with Native American culture, including feathers and dream catchers. Tribal tattoos may requi


Many different dictionaries exist for Native American languages. Access to these resources is available on websites such as the Native Languages of the Americas, Sage and Sweetgrass and the New Lakota Dictionary from the Lakota Language Consortium.


An example of nativism is when Irish immigrants came to the U.S. during the Potato Famine in the mid-1800s and petitions were filed to the government to limit their right to vote. Nativism is a belief that protects the interests of local inhabitants over those that migrate to the land.


Examples of native people include the Inuit of the Canadian Arctic, the Hawaiians of Hawaii and the Aboriginal people of Australia. Native people have their own language and cultural traditions, have or had ancestral lands and self-identify as indigenous people.