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As of 2015, Crackle.com and Popcornflix.com feature free full-length movies. Crackle.com provides free films due to its partnership with Sony Pictures. Popcornflix.com features its films from Screen Media Ventures. Both websites don’t require an account and movies can b...


Websites such as Crackle.com, OpenCulture.com, YouTube.com, Hulu.com and SnagFilms.com offer free viewing of movies. These sites offer legal streaming of a wide variety of movies, and television shows as well.


Crackle and Hulu are two services that let users watch movies for free online. Both options use commercials for ad revenue to ensure free content is available. These companies also have original content not available elsewhere.


There are multiple websites that offer selections of free movies. Certain streaming sites, such as Hulu and YouTube, offer a limited selection of free movies. Many other sites offer a wide variety of public domain movies free of charge.


Some websites where visitors can watch movies for free include Crackle.com and Hulu.com. Both services offer a variety of recent titles and classic or vintage films available for free and legal Internet streaming with no subscription.


Watch free movies online at sites such as Hulu and Crackle. These free streaming sites offer legal movies to watch in a variety of genres, including drama, comedy, action and documentary.


Hulu.com, YouTube.com and OpenCulture.com offer free movies legally for anyone to watch. Hulu.com and OpenCulutre.com offer a variety of films ranging from classics to contemporary, while YouTube.com primarily offers relatively unknown small-budget pictures and public d...