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Marketing is important for any business because it is what brings in the necessary client base to help the business grow. It is also important because it can be used as a way to build brand recognition and expand a business to different locations.


Marketing is important to sales because it includes numerous strategies for communicating the various benefits and features of the products or services a company offers to consumers. Marketing is how consumers become aware of specific brands. Marketing spurs more sales ...


Marketing informs the desires and cultural predilections of its consumers, thereby helping to shape the face of society through the messages and products it chooses to promote to the public at large. This makes it a value-neutral system the impact of which is determined...


Green marketing enables companies to satisfy the expectations of customers, communities and government leaders regarding environmentally friendly operations. Companies at the forefront of green marketing may attract more customers and generate greater revenue. Also, the...


Global marketing is important for businesses because it grants access to wider profit margins, huge demographic audiences and a better quality of life for consumers worldwide. Businesses that use global marketing to reach international audiences experience massive poten...


Some ideas for free marketing include using social media, joining local organizations and providing local volunteer work. Networking is another important way to advertise a business for free.


A marketing mix is important in business because it maximizes a company's chances of achieving steady, continual success in its operations. A marketing mix also ensures that a company remains responsible to its customers by living up to its product claims.