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Welcome to Slab City, widely known as “the last free place in America.” The entrance is marked by a small hill caked with eccentric acrylic paint, promising love and preaching faith, all in bright pink letters. This is known as Salvation Mountain. Meth has long been a choice drug in these parts.


Hippie communes became a prominent fixture in the American counterculture landscape in the second half of the twentieth century. Focused on back-to-the-land and free love, they became the practice of the hippie philosophy put into practice. Photography by John Olsen. Fans In A Flashbulb


These 10 intentional communities, from utopian eco-villages to cute historic houses in urban Los Angeles, bring people together with common goals of harmonic living, artistic exploration and ...


What really distinguishes The Farm in comparison to other free love communities and even other communes is that it always focused on service to society and contributing positively. It wasn’t an escapist community despite being isolated. This, it seems, allowed it to change towards what suited the community best. 5. The Family International


Owen had adapted ideas from John Humphrey Noyes, who promoted in the Oneida Community a kind of Free Love, opposing marriage and instead using "spiritual affinity" as the bond of union. Noyes, in turn, adapted his ideas from Josiah Warren and Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Nichols. Noyes later repudiated the term 'Free Love'.


Free-love movements since the 19th century have also defended the right to publicly discuss sexuality and have battled obscenity laws. At the turn of the 20th century, some free-love proponents extended the critique of marriage to argue that marriage as a social institution encourages emotional possessiveness and psychological enslavement.


In 1981, I dropped out of university, sold my possessions and left behind my friends and family to join a free sex commune called "The Group". Our manifesto was to be "a non-religious living ...


What happened to the communes of the 60s and 70s? East Wind has adapted with the times to survive and prosper in the modern world. #route66 #america #highway...


I am looking for commune somewhere out in the western part of America. My interests are: straw bale homes, Gardening with an emphasis to harvesting seeds, canning and drying the produce. I want to get back to a simpler way of living where conflicts are resolved with love rather than a mandate.


intro: If you thought communes had gone the way of the tie dye shirt, think again. New, non-hippy ones are springing up. The oldest, The Farm—still hippyish and still going strong--is the ...