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Several websites such as LegalDocs and Free Legal Forms Online offer free, downloadable lease agreement forms. The documents offered by these websites are customizable and can be printed directly from the website or downloaded in .doc format. Other legal documents offer...


Rocket Lawyer provides downloadable, customizable farm leases organized by state free of charge. Included with the document is free storage and a quality guarantee in which the company offers resolution if the document is not legally enforceable due to errors by the com...


Free and customizable rental lease forms are available through the Rocket Lawyer website. Site users can customize the form with the rent amount, the rent payment schedule and late fees. The option for adding a property description is also available when tailoring the f...


Free lease-extension forms can be found at Free-Legal-Document.com and Free-Real-Estate-Forms.com. An additional library of downloadable lease-extension templates can be found at TidyForms.com, as of 2016.


A month-to-month lease form is a form for an agreement stating that the lease is renewed at the end of each month. This lease may be altered or terminated by either party after giving a 30-days notice.


Find free lease termination forms on sites such as FindForms.com, YourFreeLegalForms.com, PropertyDo.com, TidyForms.com and Entrepreneur.com, as of 2015. Each site offers forms with additional level of details, including clauses to indemnify each party, as well as secti...


A free property lease is customized with details unique to the lease agreement, such as the names of the tenants and the landlords, the address of the property and the amount of rent, states About.com. It also includes the date the lease goes into effect and its length.