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One For All makes remote control devices capable of programming for use with multiple devices such as televisions, satellite, DVD players and amplifier systems. One For All also offers tablet remotes that turn a user's tablet into a multi-device remote control.


Devic's disease is a disorder of the central nervous system in which the eye nerves and the spinal cord become swollen, according to the Mayo Clinic. It is also known as neuromyelitis optica.


A processing device is any component in a computer that manages the storage and retrieval of information. Typical examples of processing devices include central-processing units, computer motherboards, network cards, graphics-processing units and sound cards.


A computer processing device is the part of the computer that receives input, processes the input and gives output. In most computers, the central processing unit is the computer processing device.


The major classes of devices supported by AT&T include cell phones, tablets and gadgets. AT&T also provides support for home phone services, USB hotspots and prepaid cell phones.


The Internet refers to a large computer network that links together other, smaller computer networks. It includes a variety of networks that follow different protocols.


Internet time is a system of time measurement in which each day is broken down into 1,000 Swatch beats. Each Swatch beat is equivalent to one minute and 26.4 seconds. Internet time eliminates time zones by having one three-digit number indicate the time of day anywhere on Earth.


A digital device is an electronic device which uses discrete, numerable data and processes for all its operations. The alternative type of device is analog, which uses continuous data and processes for any operations. Any device which uses a computer of any sort in its operations is at least partial


Computers are a prime example of a digital device in everyday use. According to the Brooklyn College Department of Computer and Information Science, a digital device is one that converts information into numbers to allow for storage and transport of that information.


Some examples of electrical devices include light bulbs, vacuums, toasters and older technologies such as the electric telegraph and batteries. Electrical devices are defined as devices that use or generate electricity and transform it into another form of energy, such as motion, heat or light. The