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Businesses such as Best Buy, Dunkin Donuts, Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods and Burger King provide free Wi-Fi, but people can also discover a nearby hot spot by looking at an online Wi-Fi database such as WeFi. If no free Wi-Fi is within reach, some paid Wi-Fi providers, such as Delta Airlines, give


It is possible to get Internet access without a phone line by using a broadband service. Broadband service transmits digitally as bits of data.


SpeedTest.com offers a global speed test for determining how quickly a computer can both upload and download files on the Internet. SpeedTest operates by sending a small file to a computer and measuring how long it takes, and then having the computer send the file back out to the Internet and measur


To access your Internet Explorer web browsing history, open Internet Explorer, and click on the Favorites button. Then, click the History tab. This displays a list of your browsing history that can be sorted by date, site name, most frequently visited or most recently visited.


It is possible to access other computers remotely over the Internet by using TeamViewer. TeamViewer is available for Windows, Mac and Linux on desktop, and for Android, iOS and BlackBerry on mobile platforms. The application is free for private use.


Internet time is a system of time measurement in which each day is broken down into 1,000 Swatch beats. Each Swatch beat is equivalent to one minute and 26.4 seconds. Internet time eliminates time zones by having one three-digit number indicate the time of day anywhere on Earth.


People in Iran do have access to the Internet. Of the 77 million people in Iran, 25.2 million people use the Internet. The country has over 150 Internet providers.


The Internet refers to a large computer network that links together other, smaller computer networks. It includes a variety of networks that follow different protocols.


When using Internet Explorer, you can access your Favorites folder by finding the Favorites yellow star button, usually located below the address bar. Users can add the sites they visit in this folder, organize it into sub-folders or topics and easily access it to revisit the saved sites.


It is legal to use a public proxy to access the Internet, according to Public Proxy Servers. However, it is illegal to use proxies to access websites from which one has been previously banned or to access illegal content.