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Free quit-smoking tools are available through the government Smokefree.gov program, including advice from experts, apps and free text messages. Free PDFs offering advice are also available.


The best and hardest way to quit smoking is to go cold turkey. That is, to quit smoking all at once. Cigarettes are both physically and mentally addictive. Quitting requires that the smoker deal with both parts of the addiction at the same time, which can cause multiple relapses.


Some ways to quit smoking include quitting cold turkey, behavioral therapy and nicotine replacement therapy, according to the American Cancer Society. It can be difficult to quit smoking due to nicotine's addictive qualities, so avoid triggers as often as possible by avoiding bars where smoking is a


Nicotine replacement therapy, avoiding triggers, complete abstinence, delaying the impulse to smoke, physical activity and relaxation techniques are ways to quit smoking, states Mayo Clinic. Enlisting the help of friends, family or a support group for moral support may also help to combat smoking im


Drinking water or grape juice helps detoxify the body and lessen one’s addiction to smoking, states Quit Smoking Community. Taking ginger in one form or another helps fight the nausea that is often a part of the withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop smoking, adds Quit Smoking Community.


Within 20 minutes after an individual quits smoking, the body starts to derive benefits, according to Healthline. Heart rate, blood pressure, circulation and many other bodily functions improve.


A person goes through various stages upon quitting smoking, the first of which is accompanied by strong withdrawal symptoms, such as nicotine cravings, insomnia, anxiety, food cravings, drowsiness and irritability. These symptoms usually begin within the first few hours of quitting cigarettes and pe


Benefits of quitting smoking include improved lung function, improved circulation and decreased risk of diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and peripheral vascular disease. Health changes occur within 20 minutes after smoking a cigarette, and health continues to improve for years after quitting.


Free items to quit smoking are available from online anti-smoking services such as QuitPlan.com and 802Quits.org. QUITPLAN offers service participants a two-week free supply of patches, gums and lozenges. 802Quits provides service participants with free nicotine replacement therapy items while suppl


Smoking has killed more than 20 million Americans since 1964, while around 8.6 million people are suffering from serious smoking-related illnesses as of 2015. Around 90 percent of lung cancers and 80 percent of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease deaths are caused by smoking.