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Coloring.ws features many animal coloring pages for children available for free printing. The animals are alphabetically listed, making it simple to find a particular animal a child might want to color. Activity Village and Raising Our Kids also provide animal coloring pages.


Full-page coloring sheets are available at the Crayola, Hellokids.com and 999 Coloring Pages websites. All of these websites offer hundreds of coloring pages in multiple categories.


Websites for Hello Kids, Color Pages for Mom and Super Coloring have free coloring pages for adults. At Hello Kids, adults have access to a design featuring hearts, flowers and paisley prints. Individuals are able to color online or print out the picture.


There are many printable coloring pages for adults available on websites such as Coloring-pages-adults.com and Colorpagesformom.com. There are also many best-selling coloring books for adults available at bookstores and websites such as Amazon.com.


Free Bible-related coloring pages can be downloaded and printed from websites such as DLTK, PapaJan.com, Ministry-To-Children, Sermons4Kids and BibleStoryPrintables.com. The coloring pages depict stories, characters and religious tenets from both the Old Testament and the New Testament.


As long as you do not intend to sell or profit from the pages on the Internet, you can download and print nearly any image you wish to use as a coloring page for kids. Pages can be acquired by searching for images on the Internet, saving the images and printing them on your printer.


Find printable kids coloring pages by visiting websites related to children's TV programs, such as PBS, Sprout Online and Nick Jr. These three sites provide many different types of coloring pages for many of the characters from shows featured on these TV channels. Educational sites such as FamilyEdu


Educational sites such as FamilyEducation provide many activities for children, including printable coloring pages. Other sources of coloring pages are companies that produce products for children, such as Crayola and Fisher-Price.


There are many various publishers of coloring books and coloring pages for kids including Gospel Light Publishing and Coloring Book Publishers, a subsidiary of Really big Coloring Books, Inc. The "Bible Verse Coloring Pages," available through Pentacostal Publishing House, is a resource for teachers


The websites Crayola.com, Coloring.ws and NickJr.com all have large selections of printable coloring pages for kids. These sites are searchable by category, which makes it possible to find coloring sheets that fit the theme of a particular home-school lesson.