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One way to get free Excel templates is to download them from the Excel templates Web page of the website Vertex42.com. Another website that offers free Excel templates is Spreadsheet123.


Medication chart templates typically include the names of prescription and over-the-counter medications, daily dosage amounts and the specific time of day to take medications, according to the Pharmaceutical Journal. Medication chart templates may also include descriptions or images of medications,


There are several websites that offer free Excel personal expense templates, including Vertex42, which provides monthly and yearly organizational options. These downloadable templates can be used to track household expenses and other costs; there are simple templates as well as detailed choices with


Weight chart templates suitable for use with Microsoft Excel are available at Vertex42, according to the organization’s website. Users of Microsoft Works 7.0 and Works Suite 2003 can add weight chart templates to the two programs using a file available for download at Microsoft’s site, explains the


In order to create templates in Microsoft Excel, press the New Template option and use Excel to input the data onto each sheet. The data will then be allocated into each section, using the field picker tool, which will add each piece of information to its own section on the report.


To create a chart in Excel, highlight the data for the chart, navigate to the Insert tab, click on Recommended Charts, and select a chart type. To modify a chart, click on the buttons next to the chart, and navigate to the Design and Format tabs.


Free downloadable diabetic chart templates are available online from websites such as FreePrintableMedicalForms.com, DiabetesChart.org and Lilly Diabetes. Downloadable diabetic chart templates include meal planning guides, diabetes emergency plans, carbohydrate counting guides and blood glucose logs


Use the built-in formula calculations in Excel to help calculate totals. Creating a column of totals allows users to see real-time totals as information is added and updated.


The 2010 and 2013 versions of Microsoft Excel come with several free templates already installed. These versions also offer the option to search for new templates from the application, though this requires an Internet connection.


Access templates for goal-setting charts can be accessed from BrightHubPM.com, GoalSettingBasics.com and FreePrintableBehaviorCharts.com. The printable charts that these websites offer are free to download, print and use.