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A good tip for finding free photos is to use websites such as FreeImages.com. It is important to make sure to check the copyright restrictions on any images you find.


Download The Print Shop after purchasing it from either Encore.com or Amazon.com. The software is available for both PC and Mac computers. As of 2015, various versions of the software are available for download. Depending on which version is purchased, the software can cost between about $39.99 to $


Both Morguefile and Pixaby offer free stock photos, many of which don't require any attribution at all. Flickr's Creative Commons section is also an excellent resource for anyone searching for royalty-free photos, whether for commercial or personal use.


Wikimedia Commons and Flickr Creative Commons provide large databases of free downloadable images with varying use restrictions. Many U.S. government websites offer public domain photos for free download, such as the National Gallery of Art and National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


Find free printable images of hearts at sites such as FirstPalette.com, What Mommy Does and Tim’s Printables. These sites offer various sizes of heart images to download and print.


The National Gallery of Art offers a number of high-quality printable art images through the NGA Images open access program at Images.NGA.gov. These images are all in the public domain and housed at the National Gallery of Art.


Download winter images for free by locating an online collection of winter themed photos, right clicking the desired images and choosing the appropriate option to save the files to a valid location on a computer. Free winter images can be found on websites such as FreeDigitalPhotos.net and All-Free-


State tax forms are available for download from the taxing agency website for the individual state. The Federation of Tax Administrators provides a webpage with links to each state’s tax agency.


At least two websites provide free witch clip-art drawings without watermarks. Commons.Wikimedia.org offers free witch art and photos in several categories, including in paintings, statues, icons and costumes.


Find free images on websites such as Picjumbo and Pixabay. These stock photo sites offer photographs and images in a wide range of categories, all free to download. Most of the images on the sites require no attribution.