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Dentures are dental appliances made to replace a person's teeth. Dentures can replace a single tooth, called a partial denture, or every tooth in the mouth, called complete dentures, states WebMD.


Dentures are most often made from plastic or porcelain with an acrylic or plastic base, notes Tom Scheve for HowStuffWorks. The specific type of dentures an individual needs is mostly dependant on whether he has partial or full loss of his teeth.


The best denture is one that fits your mouth comfortably and maintains your ability to eat, talk and smile with confidence after tooth extraction. A partial denture is worn when some teeth remain, whereas complete dentures are necessary if you have no remaining teeth.


Dentures are often needed when teeth begin to change position due to underlying periodontal or gum disease, when teeth have decayed so much that cavities can't be filled, or when teeth fall out, according to Prevention. Some people choose to get dentures for cosmetic reasons.


Complete and partial dentures are the two major types of dentures. Complete dentures are used to cover the entire jaw and replace all the missing teeth. Partial dentures are used when a few teeth are missing in the lower or upper jaw.


Dentures are removable false teeth made for people who have lost all of their natural teeth, according to Mouth Healthy. Patients who have lost only some teeth use partial dentures to replace them.


To clean dentures, remove them from the mouth, and brush them using toothpaste. Rinse the dentures, and then insert them into a denture cup with water or a denture-soaking product.


Modern dentures are typically made out of plastic, often with a metal base, though this may be made out of plastic as well. The plastic of choice for dentures is polymethyl methacrylate acrylic, or PMMA. Historically, dentures have been made out of animal teeth, ivory, porcelain and vulcanite rubber


Individuals must usually meet low-income requirements or be uninsured, disabled or over age 65 to qualify for free dentures through government insurance programs or through local charitable and professional organizations. Individuals can normally qualify for free dentures under these programs by sub


There are two kinds of partial dentures. Fixed partial dentures, also known as dental implant bridges, and removable partial dentures, also called removable dental bridges, as noted by 1-800-Dentist.