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Bubble popper games require players to pop as many bubbles as they can using the specific mechanics of each game. Some allow users to directly click on bubbles and pop them for different points values, and others require shooting bubbles of matching colors to accrue points.


The Power Popper is a children’s toy made by Hog Wild that comes with a popper and 12 soft foam balls. The user loads the foam balls into the popper and moves the handles back and forth to shoot the balls.


Buying rush poppers is legal provided the buyer does not intend to inhale or ingest them for the purpose of getting high, as of 2016. Rush poppers contain isobutyl nitrite, according to Rush-Poppers.org. Isobutyl nitrite is banned under the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988,. as indicated on DataB.us.


Make flavored popcorn using a popcorn popper by adding the spices after the popcorn has popped, while it is still hot. There are a range of flavorings you can try, from spicy chili popcorn to sweet pumpkin pie popcorn.


The best-rated popcorn poppers of the last 10 years were made by Presto and Whirley. Consumer Search gives these models best-reviewed status, while Amazon.com user reviews give the models 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.


Popular bubble games available to play online are "Bubble Fruit" and "Urchin Merchant." These games and others like them are available to play on Match3Games.com for free.


Commercial popcorn poppers come with a warranty that covers labor or parts or a combination of labor and parts over a designated amount of time. The amount of time the warranty covers for each product might be months or years and varies between products and manufacturers.


Several online shops carry cordless home popcorn poppers, including Lehman's, Amazon and Target. Among the choices of non-electric popcorn makers available are stainless steel stove-top poppers and glass or plastic microwave models.


The Google Play Store for Android devices offers many free bubble games for download such as "Panda Pop," "Bubble Worlds," "Bubble Mania," "Bubble Witch Saga" and "Bubble Shooter," among others. The iTunes store offers similar bubble games for Apple devices.


AllRecipes and CopyKat Recipes both offer delicious recipes for jalapeño poppers, which are fried jalapeños that are filled with cheese and spices. Both recipes use cream cheese and cheddar cheese, along with other ingredients.