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People who qualify for Medicare or who have private medical insurance without a deductible can get free test strips and other diabetes testing supplies. With private insurance that has deductibles, the strips often become free after the deductible has been met, as stated by FreeDiabetesTestSupplies.


Tests of specific blood glucose meters that Consumer Reports and Men's Health conducted in 2012 rate the OneTouch UltraMini highest for consistency, explains Health Central. The meters that were rated highest for accuracy in both tests include the FreeStyle Lite and the OneTouch Ultra2. Diabetics sh


The Accu-Chek Aviva Plus is recommended by Consumer Search due to its high marks for testing accuracy. Among high-tech meters, the Genesis Meter is bluetooth capable, and In Touch has cellular connectivity, according to Diabetes Forecast. The Food and Drug Administration mandates accuracy standards


The best glucose meters for accuracy include Accu-Chek Aviva, TRUEresult and Accu-Chek Compact Plus, according to About.com. The key to finding the right glucose test meter is for individuals to consider cost, ease of use and accuracy.


Some diabetic testing strip manufacturers provide a limited supply of strips to low-cost and community clinics for distribution to uninsured and low-income patients, according to the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. A patients should inquire whether his physician participates in this program


Blood glucose strips for diabetes are available at local and online pharmacies, according to WebMD. Medicare beneficiaries may use the Medicare National Mail-Order Program to have blood glucose strips for diabetes delivered to their homes or to a local participating store for pickup, notes the Ameri


Blood glucose meters are available for purchase from the official Walmart and Walgreens websites. These meters measure blood glucose levels through a sample obtained from pricking a part of the body, such as the fingertip.


Compare glucose meters on insurance coverage; size and access to readings; unique features, such as audio read-out and back-lit screens; storage capacity; and customer service, advises Mayo Clinic. The cost of the meter after insurance and the cost of test strips are also key factors to consider.


A person's blood glucose level should be between 70 and 130 milligrams per deciliter before a meal, according to the American Diabetes Association. After eating, an acceptable reading is below 180 milligrams per deciliter.


Doctors determine if a person has high blood glucose using a blood glucose test, which provides a measurement of sugar levels through a blood sample, according to MedlinePlus. Higher than normal blood glucose levels may indicate prediabetes, diabetes, uncontrolled diabetes or other health conditions