According to DearBlogger, the best website for starting a blog is or requires a small fee for a domain name and hosting. is free. More » Technology Internet & Networking

Some free Internet survey sites are run fraudulently, often as a way for the operators of the sites to obtain personal data from those who participate in the surveys. Surveys that lack an explicit privacy policy or that ... More » Technology Software

Depending on a person's age range and interests, the games at sites such as,, and can provide a free source of online fun. For adult or teenage audiences, Addictin... More » Technology Internet & Networking

WordPress is free software that can be used to create a website or blog. It originated in 2003 simply as code that enhanced typography and has evolved into the largest self-hosted blogging platform in the world. More » Technology Internet & Networking

To create a blog, first choose a free blogging software, such as WordPress, and create an account. After making an account, select a blog URL, which is often a variation of the blog's title. More » Technology Internet & Networking

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