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Amazon and Audiobooks.com sell digital audio books online, while volunteer organizations such as Project Gutenberg and LibriVox offer free audio books in public domain on their websites. Google and Apple dedicate a section to both free and paid audio books in their mobile marketplaces as of 2015.


Free audio books are available from organizations such as LibriVox, Lit2Go and Internet Archive. Books at these organizations are in the public domain and narrated by volunteers. Audible, an Amazon company, provides a free audio book if you sign up for a paid membership. These include bestsellers an


Some types of audio systems include Hi-Fi music systems, wireless music systems and MP3 docking systems. Other examples include home theater systems, portable music systems, and CD or radio cassette players.


As of 2015, Podiobooks.com and LearnOutLoud.com are two websites that offer free podcasts of audio books. Whereas Podiobooks.com focuses on serialized fiction books, LearnOutLoud.com's podcasts primarily provide educational audio books.


Some coloring books for adults are "Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns" by Blue Star Coloring Books and "Creative Haven Owls Coloring Book" by Marjorie Sarnat and Creative Haven. Another adult coloring book is "Awesome Animals: A Stress Management Coloring Book for Adults" by Penny Farth


Aperion Audio’s Intimus 5B Harmony SD system and the NHT Absolute 5.1T are both superior 5.1 surround sound stereos, according to The Wire Cutter. Aperion's system has better overall sound, while the NHT offers better bass. The Pioneer's SP-FS52 tower speakers are an excellent two-speaker option, as


Free audio Bibles are available at Talking.Bibles.org, BibleGateway.com and TheStreamingBible.com. Talking Bibles provides free online Bible listening in more than 100 languages. BibleGateway.com offers free online audio Bibles in various English translations and other languages such as Arabic, Chin


Highly rated portable audio book players for 2015 include the Apple iPod Nano, Apple iPod Touch, Sandisk Sansa, Creative Zen and Zune HD, according to Tuneskit. Each of these models has at least a four-star rating on Amazon.com, and user reviews are generally positive.


An audio equalizer, or EQ, alters sound by adding to or reducing frequencies within a signal. Treble and bass controls on audio equipment are two types of equalizers that adjust high and low frequencies, respectively.


To find a free audio converter, go to download.com, search for "free audio converter," review the displayed list and click on "download" to download the desired converter. Free audio converters can convert files to different audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, M4A and FLAC. Some converters will also co