A free name look-up, or free people search, is a service provided by some websites that allows users to enter the name of a person and receive certain details about that person. These details can include a phone number a... More »

Free name lookups are available online on websites such as 411.com, AnyWho.com and PeopleSmart.com. AnyWho and 411.com also offer business searches and phone lookups, while PeopleSmart features phone number, address and ... More »

To reverse lookup an email address for free, visit PeopleSmart or ThatsThem, select Email or Email Address from the menu, type the email address into the search box at the top of the website, and then click the Search bu... More »

Reverse address look-up services are found on most people search sites, such as Whitepages, as one of the several options offered along with the standard search using a name to locate a person. Using just an address, cal... More »

Each county has a website that provides search options for users with the most common method being a name search, although some sites offer the option to sort by picture. The location of these searches varies from site t... More »

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To locate a person’s place of employment, check his social media pages, look up government regulatory websites, check his credit report, contact references and use an online search service. Ensure that the other persons'... More »

To search for people by name, use the search tools provided on phone directory websites like 411, or on people finder websites like Spokeo. Enter the name of the person and the city and state of the last known location t... More »

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