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Birth records are considered vital records and are, therefore, accessible for free through the state they were issued in, according to The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. If the state that issued the record is unknown, that information can be found via federal census records.


You can access Ontario birth records through various Ontario government websites or archives. Official copies of birth certificates are available from Service Ontario, according to Ontario.ca. You can obtain historical birth records through the databases of the Archives of Ontario, which falls under


Individuals can access marriage records by visiting institutions such as churches and city or county offices, checking family bibles and histories, reading newspapers and using online record sites such as Ancestry and World Vital Records. Some of the details that may be found in marriage records inc


Most district courts publicize civil and criminal record cases and make those files available for free through a state's official judiciary website. Some states, such as Alabama and Colorado, contract private companies to manage the state's court data, which then offer searches for a minimal fee.


Medical records can be accessed online at no cost through health care providers that offer this service to their patients. As Jan. 1, 2014 all health care providers must demonstrate meaningful use of electronic health care records, but are not required to offer patients online access to their record


There are many different ways to access public death records, but the easiest way to obtain a death certificate is to do so from the mortuary or funeral home of the deceased. Additionally, you may contact the local or state office of vital records to obtain a death certificate.


A person can access free public records online by going to DMV.org, BRB Publications, Online Searches and other websites that offer free public records search functions. These sites allow users to access various types of public records, such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licens


There are several websites where one can search for death records online for free. The Vital Records portion of the National Archives website is a good place to begin. Another option is Family Search.


People can search for birth records through the search functions at FamilySearch, WorldVitalRecords or Genealogy.com. Typically, birth records contain children's names, sexes, birthdates and birthplaces. Additional details are more common in birth records from the 1900s and later. These additional d


There is no way for a person to obtain adoption records for free. In order to obtain an adoption record, a person must follow a number of steps, which may or may not have a financial cost, depending on the state.