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When performing a general search using a search engine, place the title in quotation marks so that it only looks for results with that exact word or phrase. Consider using a website specifically for finding songs, such as the homepage for the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers or


One way of searching for boat titles for free is via the vessel documentation search tool on the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration website (NOAA). Using the search tool involves entering the name of boat on the search field to bring up titling information on Coast Guard documented boats wi


Find information and ratings for the best vehicle insurance companies online by visiting the Consumer Affairs website and sorting the reviews of auto insurance companies by "best rated." The site, ConsumerAffairs.com, lists the highest-rated auto insurance companies in groups of 10 per page.


You can find a book without knowing its title by searching for the author, the ISBN or even relevant keywords online. Alternately, you can try a local bookstore to ask a professional or an online book forum to see if the community can assist.


The best way to look up a vehicle owner using a license plate number is through the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state where the vehicle is registered. If the owner is suspected of being involved in an accident or crime, a police report must usually be filed.


A title search is required when real estate is purchased so that the buyer and any secured lenders, such as a mortgage company, do not face unexpected ownership disputes, according to Cornell University Law School. Problems such as defects or encumbrances in the chain of title are referred to as a "


Carfax and AutoCheck are well-known vehicle history reporting companies that offer free used car histories. Most used car dealerships maintain subscriptions to Carfax or AutoCheck, and generally provide vehicle history reports upon request, as a courtesy to interested buyers.


While purchasing a car with a salvage title is a personal decision, there are obvious pros and cons to doing so. A salvage vehicle can cost considerably less, although since most vehicle value websites do not value them, finding a car's worth can be difficult.


PropertyShark.com and NextAce.com allow users to perform title searches on real property by entering the address of the property. Both services claim to have records on deeds, mortgage files, lease agreements and property ownership for the majority of the United States.


PropertyShark.com offers free title searches and property data, as long as a user sets up a free account with the website. OnlineSearches also offers free searching of public records by ZIP, city or state, but some government entities may charge a fee for accessing certain public records.