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Websites like Open Clip Art and the USF educational clip art portal provide access to clip art for educators, students and graphic designers looking to access images without paying fees or negotiating rights and ownership. Each site contains a searchable database of images arranged according to subj


Free clip art can be found at OpenClipArt.org and Clker.com. These images are all free for personal and commercial use, which means you can use them however you like. However, you should still read the About sections of these websites to make sure there are no caveats to that.


Silhouette is an Austrian company that produces eyeglasses. This company has been in business since 1964, and its headquarters and main production site are in Linz, Austria.


Find food clip art at WpClipart.com, OpenClipart.com and FreeClipartNow.com. On WpClipart.com, click Browse in the menu bar at the top of the page. Then, scroll down and click Food for food clipart. As of November 2015, this website has over 1,900 images in the Food category.


ClassroomClipArt.com and All-Free-Download.com offer extensive libraries of free clip art. Other sites, such as GraphicStock.com, allow free downloads for a limited amount of time. After the initial trial period, a paid membership is required to continue using the library.


A web search for "free silhouette clip art" produces thousands of appropriate image results. Google Images has advanced search options that allow users to find images that can be reused freely. Free silhouette clip art for reuse is available from OpenClipArt.org, Pixabay and Wikimedia Commons.


Clip art refers to pre-made images, widely used in both professional and personal applications. Heart clip art is ideal for a wide variety of projects, including greeting cards, websites, Valentine’s Day projects, newsletters, flyers and much more.


The purpose of clip art is to add a visual emphasis to a project or presentation, typically to either illustrate a point or further explain a concept. In some instances, the clip art image provides humor or levity to the project. It may also serve as a non-verbal indication of a concept or activity.


You can use football clip art images for many purposes, including creating a custom logo for a children's football league or developing a stylish sports-themed flier. You can use clip art as-is or as a foundation for creating custom images.


Examples of online resources for free child-appropriate clip art include ABC Teach, MyCuteGraphics and GoGraph. Another online resource for free child-appropriate clip art is Classroom Clipart.