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An easy and effective way to find single Native Americans is through the Native Americans Passions website. The free online dating and social networking site is open to everyone. You may tour the website before committing to joining.


According to the United States census in 2000, the five most common last names for citizens who identified as American Indians or Alaskan Natives were Smith, Johnson, Begay, Yazzie and Locklear. Other common names included Jones, Williams, Brown, Davis and Wilson. Historically, government officials


Some common Native American words are tomahawk, moccasin, and tepee, which are terms that indicate a type of axe, a type of shoe and a type of structure, respectively. Unlike other Native American words that have been assimilated into the English language, the indigenous roots of these words are sti


Native American is the name given to the people who were the original inhabitants of North America, having arrived in Alaska at least 12,000 years ago. Upon their arrival they quickly spread throughout the Americas, developing numerous different cultures and ways of life, including tribes such as Ch


Types of Native American art include pottery, beadwork and basket weaving. Art for most Native Americans was and continues to be a way to express themselves and is often inspired by symbols such as wolves, bears, spirits, family members or themselves.


Generally, Native American men wore breechcloths, which were a type of loincloth, and the women typically wore skirts or shirts made of buckskin. According to the American Indian Heritage Foundation, Native American tribes did not have the same style of dress. Although there were similarities in the


To buy authentic Native American clothing, first choose a tribe, then find a native-owned clothing retailer. For example, Navajo Spirit offers Navajo clothing, while Oomingmak specializes in hand-knit Qiviut items. Alternatively, marketplaces such as Beyond Buckskin sell native clothing from a range


A few good resources on Native Americans are Encyclopedia.com, Native-Languages.org, History.com and Indians.org. These four sites research the information and History offers a fact check for their page.


Names for girls that originate in Native American languages include Winona, Bonita, Elu, Kamama and Talulah. Winona means "first daughter" in Sioux. Bonita means "beautiful" in Apache, as does Elu in Zuni. Kamama means "butterfly" in Cherokee. Talulah means "leaping water" in Choctaw.


One unusual female name from the Native American Algonquian tribe is "Nittawosew," meaning "She is not sterile." "Hevantaneo" is a masculine name in the Cheyenne tribe meaning "Hairy Rope."