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Since November, starting with Thanksgiving, is the traditional start of the holiday season in the United States, a good safety focus for November is food and cooking safety. Another topic is flu season safety.


Good safety moment topics include eye protection, planning for emergencies and safe driving, says business adviser Nomonik. A good safety moment topic is directly relevant to the operations of the professionals addressed.


As American Heart Month, February safety tips include eating a heart-healthy diet, exercising, limiting alcohol consumption and avoiding cigarette smoke, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Other tips for February include those for winter hygiene, including washing hands to avoid


First aid is among the most important safety topics to teach, especially at the workplace. This is the immediate attention an accident victim receives at the accident scene, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.


Appropriate safety topics vary according to a child's age and include bicycle and helmet safety, driveway safety, guns, fireworks and sports participation. Other safety topics relate to swimming and water safety, medicine, alcohol consumption and preparing to drive.


Good topics for office safety training sessions include falls, ergonomic injuries and workers being caught by something or struck by something, as covered by Safety and Health. Other good topics are walking while distracted and environmental tobacco smoke, as the Washington State Department of Labor


Brief on safety topics by choosing the most important aspects and lightly touching on all relevant safety topics, while telling listeners where they can find more detailed information. Whether you are doing a safety briefing for employees at a company meeting, before a sporting activity or for a per


When planning a safety moment before a business meeting, make sure the subject chosen is relevant to the work environment and that it's timely as well as pertinent to the season or a current project. Remind presenters to stay within allotted time of one to five minutes.


Some common topics of conversation at company meetings include values, goals and strategy. Other topics of conversation include productivity, initiatives, projection of future results and reviews of current results.


Suggested topics an employer can include in a five-minute safety talk include safe lifting techniques, safe housekeeping, hand protection, mental map creation and personal protective equipment, according to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Manual handling of materials and