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Among college basketball head coaches still working as of 2015, the top-rated coaches are Duke's Mike Krzyzewski in men's basketball and Connecticut's Geno Auriemma in women's basketball. Krzyzewski holds the all-time Division 1 record with 1,018 wins, while Auriemma's teams have a 917-134 record an


There is at least one example of a men's college basketball team scoring more than 200 points in a single game. Troy State scored 258 points against Atlanta's DeVry University in a game that took place on January 12, 1992. As of 2015, it ranks as the highest-scoring game in the history of NCAA men's


Some basketball games that help teach math are Math Facts Basketball, Math Basketball and Basketball Math. Each of these games is free to play online.


A regulation high school basketball game consists of four 8-minute periods, with a 10- to 15-minute break at halftime and a 1-minute break between the first and second periods and third and fourth periods. However, the total length of a basketball game varies, depending on the number of foul calls,


The lowest final score of a college basketball game was 12 to 10. The game was between Duke and N.C. State in an ACC Tournament game in 1968.


According to data from STATS, a global leader in the gathering and dissemination of sports information, it is possible for a basketball player to average around 2.72 miles per game. This number depends how much play time a person gets during a game and what position an individual is playing.


Sometimes the start of a basketball game is called a tip-off but more often than not, it is called a jump ball. To begin a game, two players, one from each team, stand at center court and jump for the ball which is thrown in the air by an official in an attempt to tip it to their teammates to gain p


The Associated Press (AP) poll and the USA Today Coaches Poll, the two major top 25 college basketball polls, are released each week during the men's and women's college basketball season. Both polls are released on Mondays.


In a normal NBA basketball season, each team plays 82 games, with 41 at home and 41 away. Exceptions have occurred in the past where the season was shortened due to labor-dispute lockouts, such as the 66-game season during the 2011-2012 season.


TV scheduling for upcoming college basketball games is available on many popular sports websites such as ESPN.com, CBSSports.com and NCAA.com. Typically, the TV schedule is located on the same page as the site's scoreboard page, but it may also be displayed on a separate page specifically for TV.