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Free business forms available online include the Profit and Loss Statement Excel Template, Employee Performance Review, Employee Disciplinary Action Form with Checklist, government contracting forms and financial assistance forms. Entrepreneur.com, Office Depot and the U.S. Small Business Associatio


Some common business financial forms include balance sheets, cash flow budgets, income statement, daily cash sheets and new business cash needs forms. Other forms used to document and analyze an organization's finances include trial balance worksheets, present value tables, customer statements of ac


Free job applications can help small businesses by providing a more thorough evaluation of potential employees beyond the information offered by resumes or cover letters. Additionally, these applications can make it easier for candidates to apply for company positions by making the applications more


A simple interactive will form is available at LawDepot. The form asks questions of the person creating the will, then produces a final version that can be printed or saved as a PDF, as LawDepot explains. Because estate laws vary between states, different forms corresponding to each state are availa


Some forms businesses need for forming a budget include workflow worksheets, startup costs, average monthly overhead expenses, net worth worksheet and personal budget worksheet. A good budget is a plan for future receipts and expenditures, notes the United States Small Business Administration.


The necessary forms and requirements to start a house-cleaning business include a Doing Business As, or DBA, and a vendor's license, reports the Houston Chronicle. Call the county clerk or county administration office in your area to request an application form. After deciding on the name of your cl


Different tax forms are required depending on the structure of the small business, states Mashable. Partnerships must file Form 1065 while sole proprietors or LLCs in business as sole proprietors must file the Schedule C form. Corporations or LLCs treated as corporations require filling Form 1120.


As of 2015, a good location to find business telephone numbers for free is the White Pages site. The site offers a Yellow Page section which can be used to find business phone numbers throughout the United States.


Websites such as TidyForm.com, DMV.org and LawDepot.com all offer free bill of sale forms. DMV.org offers a form specific to the sale of a car or other vehicle, while the other websites offer different types of bills of sale and allow customization by state.


To create a one-page business plan from scratch, state what the business sells or what services it provides, who the target customers are, how the business fills a need, the plan for publicizing it, and how it makes money. It should also include obstacles, risks and issues. A business plan template