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Free small business plans are offered online by Enloop and SCORE. At Enloop.com, individuals can sign up to use its business plan creator tool for free and make one plan. SCORE offers a free generic business plan generator that can be modified to suit one's needs.


Planning for businesses provides several crucial benefits, such as financial planning, setting goals and objectives, and identifying areas of strength and weaknesses. Business plans help all companies plan for the future by taking into consideration short-term and long-term goals, such as projected


Two of the basic reasons businesses exist are to provide society with goods and services and to make a profit. The latter motive is what separates them from government agencies and charities. Businesses also serve to establish and promote social cooperation, as noted by University of Virginia Profes


The type of tax forms that an Indiana small business must file with the state depends on how the small business is organized. Indiana recognizes eight different types of small businesses as of 2015, according to the Indiana Department of Revenue.


Visit the Edgar Online website, and enter a business name to view the associated financial reports. As of 2015, Edgar Online offers free access to over 20 million business filings.


Most businesses need customer transaction forms such as invoices, receipts and orders sheets. Behind the scenes, a company uses forms to develop and manage its budget, track inventory and schedule employees.


Businesses can obtain free advertising by utilizing websites, starting a blog or podcast, donating time and building their reputation among their employees, according to the Verio website. To effectively advertise their businesses, leaders should focus on the avenues that clearly communicate the bus


Advertising is essential for informing and attracting potential customers. James F. Kelly, brand leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers, says that advertising is "a highly efficient way to say hello and offer a sense of ourselves to potential clients." Writing for Forbes, Kelly claims that advertising ke


Free legal forms are available to copy, download or print on sites such as the 'Lectric Law Library, FreeLegalForms.net, USLegal and LegalDocs.com. Docracy offers customizable legal documents and allows users to manage contract negotiations, document updates and final signing through its system onli


Some ways to promote a business for free include using social media, networking and asking for referrals, hosting special events, sponsoring local events, and using email marketing. Many communities have free or low-cost advertising options on local websites and blogs. Local stores sometimes allow b