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Muntjac Deer. Single muntjac barking in distance. Pre-dawn, pigeons in background, pheasant 2m00s. 2nd muntjac replies to barks from approx 1m00s. Potton Wood, Nr Bedford: 140 sec. / 02:20 min. 23 MB: 4.99: Add: Add: Sika Deer. Gurgling aggressive call from male deer. Followed by strange wailing sounds of rutting calls.


5 Deer Calls You Need in Your Pack. Here are the five most important deer calls you can bring with you to the tree stand this November and the best situation to use them. For more information on the subject, also check out our deer calling guide!


The sounds listed below represent the world's largest studio-grade sound library of North American animals. Every sound in our library is an authentic professional recording and labeled correctly. Many of the sounds in our library are the only known recordings of that animal. All of the sounds in our library are studio-grade quality. You may choose from the sounds listed below to create your ....


Ezy-Axis deer call creates the sound of Axis buck screaming. The scream represents a bucks dominance, location, and willingness to fight or breed. Every axis hunter should carry the Ezy-Axis deer call to help increase hunting success rate. Ezy-Axis deer call has redefined Axis hunting. Why go after Axis deer when the deer can be drawn to the ...


Hunting Sounds. Here are the sounds that have been tagged with Hunting free from SoundBible.com Please bookmark us Ctrl+D and come back soon for updates! All files are available in both Wav and MP3 formats.


Current Sounds Available: Baby Coon Growl/ Baby Coon Twitters/ Killdeer Distress/ Baby Robin Distress/ Red Squirrel Distress/ Porcupine Distress/ Boar Squeals/ Billy Goat Cries/ Hungry Kittens/ Ducklings/ Coyote Bark/ Mad Coyote Growl & Bark/ Rat Distress/ Dog Whimpers/ Pup Cries-Handcall/ Rabbit Distress-Handcall


When it comes to hunting deer, you shouldn't only be aware of where to hunt and what tools you need to invest in, but on the game itself. You'll need to understand how deer act and the way they move. And yes, even the way they sound is an important thing you should learn about, as it helps you understand and detect where they are.


This calling system is designed to deliver six pre-programmed Primos deer calls; wheeze, challenge, grunt, bucks sparring, roar, estrus bleat and the doe bleat. It comes with a unique rubber strap so you can place it somewhere in order to free your hands to have a better shot at the target.


The siren locater sound will not call in coyotes but is used to locate the coyotes. A siren sounds will often cause coyotes to howl back. You can then tell where the coyotes are located and come back 30 min or so later and make a calling stand near where you heard the coyotes howling back at the siren.