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Whitetail Deer Calls is very simple and easy to use to call whitetail deer. Use an external speaker for the best sound quality. If you have never used deer calls before, it is recommended that you do some research on calling deer before trying it out. Be sure to rate this app. Thanks for downloading! Ad free version available!


Muntjac Deer. Single muntjac barking in distance. Pre-dawn, pigeons in background, pheasant 2m00s. 2nd muntjac replies to barks from approx 1m00s. Potton Wood, Nr Bedford: 140 sec. / 02:20 min. 23 MB: 4.99: Add: Add: Sika Deer. Gurgling aggressive call from male deer. Followed by strange wailing sounds of rutting calls.


Download and listen Deer Call Sound Effect mp3 song here for free [2.73MB] on our platform You can download the Deer Call Sound Effect songs, lyrics, mp3 files ...


Welcome to Primos ® Hunting Sounds. Primos ® Hunting Sounds provides a way to download exclusive sounds for your Primos ® Hunting Alpha Dogg™, Boss Dogg™, and Turbo Dogg™ electronic Calls that help you “Speak The Language.”. If this is your first time here please “Create an Account”. Create an Account


Also, these game calls are battery operated for easy use in the field. Furthermore, Cass Creek offers electronic game calls for a variety of game species, including many predators! All in all, we suggest you browse our huge selection that include deer calls, elk calls, moose calls, and turkey calls.


Current Sounds Available: Baby Coon Growl/ Baby Coon Twitters/ Killdeer Distress/ Baby Robin Distress/ Red Squirrel Distress/ Porcupine Distress/ Boar Squeals/ Billy Goat Cries/ Hungry Kittens/ Ducklings/ Coyote Bark/ Mad Coyote Growl & Bark/ Rat Distress/ Dog Whimpers/ Pup Cries-Handcall/ Rabbit Distress-Handcall


This calling system is designed to deliver six pre-programmed Primos deer calls; wheeze, challenge, grunt, bucks sparring, roar, estrus bleat and the doe bleat. It comes with a unique rubber strap so you can place it somewhere in order to free your hands to have a better shot at the target.


An exhale-inhale custom deer call made of Cedar of Lebanon. Sounds as good as it looks. Sold: $124.95. Osage Orange Inhale-Exhale Deer Call . Osage Orange deer call with African Blackwood trim. This is an Exhale-Inhale deer call. This call has turned color, as all Osage Orange calls do. It is now a toasty brown color.


When it comes to hunting deer, you shouldn't only be aware of where to hunt and what tools you need to invest in, but on the game itself. You'll need to understand how deer act and the way they move. And yes, even the way they sound is an important thing you should learn about, as it helps you understand and detect where they are.